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After spending quite a few hours sitting at the computer yesterday, I finally caught up on three weeks worth of missed blogging (or, almost all of it). I like to read each and every post of the blogs that I follow. And I follow a lot of blogs. So even getting a day behind puts me on edge. And the longer I put it off, the more daunting it becomes. (It's amazing how working ten days in a row makes you not want to do anything when you actually have the time off.) But, I took the time and I did it. So. I apologize for my silence the past few weeks. I may not have commented, but I definitely read and I definitely saw. (Okay okay, so maybe I didn't read every single word, I skimmed over some, but I still saw.)

And now if you want to know what's been going on with me:

1. I've been working steadily, but getting a few days off here and there. And trying so freaking hard not to spend the little money I actually earn on everything at Williams-Sonoma!

2. We're still dealing with the mold situation. Remember how I said I hoped it wouldn't be an uphill battle? Well it's been just that. We've spent the last week talking to one person, calling another person, then talking to this person and checking in with yet another. Only to call another number and then another and then wait to hear from another person who's waiting to hear from someone else who's waiting to hear from the person we just talked to, who's waiting to hear from them. No joke. But I finally talked to someone today who said that something has gone terribly wrong with the way it's been handled (no shit) and that we should finally be hearing the verdict on what needs to be done tomorrow. God I hope so. I want the situation to be resolved! I want the problem fixed! Whether it's construction or moving to a new unit. I'm getting tired of sleeping on the crappy futon (with bars sticking into my back) in the middle of the living room while Sean sleeps on a pile of blankets on the floor next to me. I want to get reimbursed for all of my furniture that was damaged so I can go ahead and order a new bed frame, new mattress, new mattress pad, new sheets, new dresser and new night-stands. And I want to be able to sleep in my bedroom without worrying that there is mold in the walls and that it could grow back and destroy my new furniture all over again. I understand that San Francisco is wet and damp. I can deal with poor insulation and constant condensation on the windows. But come on! My walls and floors shouldn't be leaking!

3. And as far as this situation is going: come to find out he's been trying to get rid of her this whole time. He told her she's free to leave whenever she wants. But knowing her, it's going to take more than that to get her out of here. If she's going to leave, he's going to have to physically pack her up and move her himself. (I realize I've been completely vague about this whole situation and everything that's been going on concerning her, but I've talked about it with everyone I know enough as it is, I didn't want to complain about it on here. Long story short: one of my roommates moved his girlfriend in two months ago and she was a nightmare from the beginning. Saying and doing the stupidest things: putting empty dishes in the refrigerator, leaving windows and lights on when she was the last person to leave the apartment, taking two-hour long showers, never taking out the trash, leaving dirty dishes in the sink for days on end, using our food without asking or replacing, leaving the bathroom door closed with the light on so that we all assume that it's being used by someone, knocking on the door to be let in even though she has a key... Basically, I can't even make up the stupid stuff that she says and does.)

So there you have it. And though all this annoying drama is going on, I am very much enjoying my life in San Francisco. I absolutely love being with Sean. And I even enjoy my job and the people I work with. Working as a cashier really isn't that bad. It's no career, but I don't dread doing it. I even think it's good for me and my shyness. I just have to try hard not to continue using that fake polite voice after I get off work!

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Liza said...

Oh, Andrea! I also have been away from the blogging world for about 10 days, so all of these stories are brand new to me.

I'm so so sorry about the mold! That sounds terrifying. I hope the answer you'll be getting tomorrow is a good, positive one, and will help you two move forward (whether that be out or not). Reimbursement is definitely called for.

As for the roommate situation... yikes?! That is bananas. I hope this fellow does take the initiative and move her out, because that sounds like a negative situation for everyone involved. I'm glad San Fran has so many coffee shops you can escape to, but you shouldn't feel like a prisoner in your own home because someone else is dominating the space with their... issues, I guess, would be the kindest word for it.

Good luck with everything (and everyone!).