pre-raphaelite beauty


For the first time in I don't know how long, I picked up an issue of Vogue that I was actually tempted to buy. These images of Saoirse Ronan depicting the Pre-Raphaelites' muse stopped me in my tracks. (Waterhouse is my favorite painter, so it's no surprise that I'm falling for these.) The styling and textures are stunning and Saoirse looks absolutely amazing!


Krystal said...

these are really pretty..and i can't believe you are still dealing with the mold thing! insane!

Charlotte said...

Saoirse Ronan?! I didn't even recognize her! Gosh dang, she looks so elegant in this pictures. She reminds me a little of Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine) in some of these shots. I can see why you're drawn to them!

The Baker said...

I love the Pre-Raphaelites (everytime I tell someone that I will always think of the film "An Education")