day 02 - a beach picture that i have taken

This is a picture I took of a path heading to the beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina, during the Summer of 2004. It was the Summer before my senior year of high school and I went for a week with my aunt, uncle and cousins and some of their relatives from the other side of their family. It was nice and relaxing and I was just happy spend time with my cousin because I hardly ever got to see her except at Christmas. She's a year younger than me and we used to be really close, writing emails to each other sometimes more than twice a day. We haven't written in a long time, and it makes me kind of sad.

This is also one of the first photographs that I ever sold, at one of the first Expressions shows I entered. So it's sentimental in more ways than one.

Source: Andrea Despot


Krystal said...

I love the lines in this...how it all flows. pretty =)
do you mind if I save them to do a collage of everyone playing along for each day? (of course i'll be linking)!

lavelle said...

this is really pretty, I like that when you post your own photos , you tell us the story that goes with them :) xx

andrea said...

lavelle - i'm glad you like it! sometimes i'm afraid i write too much and sound too boring.