happy birthday to me

Yep, today is my (and my twin brother's) birthday! We turn 23 today. I have nothing big and exciting planned, just going to work, feeling better because I'm getting over my (quick) cold, spending time with my family, and eating cake!

Have a great weekend!

Source: Andrea Despot


Tali Schiffer said...

Happy birthday dear Andrea (and the same to your twin bro). Hope you're having a grand day!!

Tina Crespo said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your weekend whatever you do :)

Huong said...

Happy happy birthday to you! And your brother too :) As weird as this sentence is going to sound, I think twins are neat :) P.S. Love the look of your blog! And these cake pictures are awesome with the shadow of the candles.

andrea said...

thanks everyone!

huong - that's okay, you aren't the only one who thinks twins are neat! whenever i tell people they get all excited and say "really?!" when i first told my boyfriend he said it was really rock-n-roll :P

Melina said...

Happy Birthday!