weekend recap


Well well well, what's new with me, you may be asking? Well:

1. Nearly three weeks after the fact, someone finally came to check out our apartment in regards to the mold situation (described here and here). They found a couple of hairline fractures and a falling light on the outside of the wall where we were having the leaking problem. They sealed them up but they were hoping to find something more obvious, so we still have to keep an eye out for more water.

2. One good thing about the leaking/mold problem is that it was an excuse to buy new furniture! Granted we just bought new furniture and a new mattress two months ago (which we should be reimbursed for), but new furniture is always nice in my opinion! So, we got furniture that can be pulled away from that wall and allows more air circulation in case the water comes back. Hence, our first real bed (I've only ever had a bunk bed, a futon, or just a regular bed frame, never anything with an actual headboard or footboard) and nicer, more grown-up night-stands (compared to what we had before). I still have to put together my dresser and then we'll move our bookcases into the bedroom and hopefully we can have the entire apartment put back to normal in time for Christmas.

3. Yesterday, I had my last day off work until Christmas, which I spent in downtown San Francisco with Sean. I love this place! I love being in a city and doing things that I could never do in my hometown! I often feel as if I'm in a movie when I'm walking around this city. In summary: we enjoyed a bite at Quizno's, a 30% off sale on the already-on-sale items at Old Navy (where I saved a hundred dollars!), a jaunt around The Container Store (where I bought extra hangers and an awesome LEGO box),  a viewing of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which was rather good (though not amazing), and a walk around the Children's Creativity park where, ironically, Sean spotted my very first grey hair (which I kinda freaked out about)!

How have you been?


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

i've been finding a few grey hairs too and i am just totally in denial. i rip them right out like they're a mistake. ha!


Charlotte said...

I want to go to the Children's Creativity Park! It looks so amazing. Also, saved $100 at Old Navy? I'm impressed.

I can't wait to hear more about your adventures in the big city!