I came across these gorgeous portraits via Jane's blog and I instantly fell in love. They might look like vintage photographs but they are actually current: the photographer, Joni Sternbach, uses the wet collodion process, which was actually the second photographic process used after the daguerreotype! I love that some people still take the time and make the effort to keep such processes alive. I love the look of these, a magic that only film can create.

If you're interested, take the time to read this article on Sternbach and how she first started photographing surfers:

"I find that Joni's portraits have a unique flavor because of her non-surfing perspective. She and her camera are observers from outside the subculture, entering with no preconceived notions. One thing that struck me the most about her SurfLand series is how it transcends the hierarchy that sometimes finds its way into the local lineup; her selection process has led her to take photographs of beginners and pros, men and women, young and old. It's not about what kind of board you have, who your sponsors are, how many trophies you have, or how photogenic you are. It's this democratic way of representing the surfing community that has become my favorite aspect of her work. Everyone is portrayed with equal merit; just a surfer, a board, and the sea."


Charlotte said...

These are FANTASTIC. I immediately knew (or highly supposed) they were film. Film pictures have an unmatched quality to them. But also how the photographer chose to shoot the models, that also makes it look like they're from the 70's. My favorite is the girl in the wetsuit, sitting on her board, with the dog. I also love how the film makes skin tones dusky and shadowy. Thanks for sharing!!

Goggled Hero said...

Didn't realize that Samuel Clemens surfed...