g and t


I've never actually had a gin & tonic before, but the name always brings to mind something that tastes similar to gasoline. Then again, other than beer and wine, I'm not much of a drinker, so what do I know? However, they seem to exude a sort of classy confidence, like if you walk into a bar and order one, you know exactly what you're doing.

Have you had a gin & tonic? What's your opinion? Better yet, what's you're favorite cocktail? It's only three o'clock here, but it's five o'clock somewhere... Good grief... Now I'm sounding like one of those people I always make fun of...


katie said...

oh my goodness. gasoline? really? you need to try some higher-quality booze, my friend.

gin and tonics are one of my favorites. they're light and refreshing, like a sprite, only alcoholic and not lime-y. see also: mojito. those *are* lime-y, and delicious.

other favorites:
whisky (scotch) straight.
whiskey (bourbon) straight or in a whiskey sour, old fashioned, or with maple syrup in lemonade.
pisco sour -- grape brandy with lime juice and bitters.

"girly" (as in, sweeter and easy to drink) favorites:
margaritas, best if made with lime and orange juices and quality tequila.
blind russian--similar to a mudslide, it's vodka, kahlua (mocha? liqueur) and baileys (irish creme liqueur), sometimes with other things too.
mojito with peach or strawbeery schnapps.

i also really enjoy wine and cider, would love to try mead, and like an assortment of beers.

i promise i'm not a lush...i don't partake a lot as far as quantity or frequency, but i've tried a lot of things and i *do* enjoy good food and drink. =)

Liza said...

Haha, a gin & tonic is actually my go-to drink! A bad one (too much gin) can taste like gasoline though. :)

Another favorite of mine is a whiskey ginger. I love ginger ale, so if I'm wanting something sweeter and a little more fizzy, that's my order. Honestly though, I really prefer wine. I find it way more relaxing (and tastier!) than anything else.

Krystal said...

i've not had one yet but maybe i'll walk in to some bar and order it one day, just for you! my fave is a sidecar :)

Charlotte said...

Gin and tonic! It's my favorite drink. Gin can be harsh for some, but I love it. To each their own though... I can't stand vodka, and tequila is pretty low on the list too.

I appreciate the "classy" moniker - I usually order a g & t because I have no idea what else to get. :) But other favorite drinks are Dark and Stormys (ginger beer, black rum, lime), Tom Collins (gin, sugar, lime, seltzer) and red wine.

andrea despot said...

katie - so... what brand of gin do you recommend?? thanks for all your other drink recommendations! don't worry, i didn't think you were a lush or an alcoholic or anything. i'd love to try every kind of drink at least once so i at least know what people are talking about :) i'm going to hang onto your comment so i remember to try all of them :)

krystal - you should! just for me :)

liza - obviously i haven't tried much, but i just really enjoy wine too :)

Jon said...

My most memorable moments on G+T....... the first in a very classy bar in Paris and the second in the Geographers Bar in Malacca Western Malaysia.
I hate to say this but there is something so English when there is a gin and tonic in you had. :D
Regarding red wine ..........mmmmmm Bordeaux 2004 and some 2006's. An assignment in September is taking me down to the region on a product shoot....mmmmm bliss!!!!!