happy friday!


Twenty-one boxes down, seven to go.

I'm pretty much done with packing for the moment; the last few boxes are stuff I still need like my computer, printer, inks, paper trimmer, camera equipment, etc. I hate that I'm having to send all that super-expensive stuff through the mail; I won't be able to truly relax until all my stuff is safely there!

And I'm hoping I can fit all my clothes (along with my camera, portfolio, binder full of negatives, and two years' worth of contact lenses) into my carry-on and three trolley suitcases to check onto the plane! Hmmm... I should probably pack all that stuff now just in case I find that it doesn't all fit the day that I leave...

Have a lovely weekend!

PS. Everything in my shop is still 35% off!


sami said...

good luck, love!!!!!


Charlotte said...

mmmmm... that's a lot of rosemary. looks delicious!

hila said...

I'm exhausted just reading that - take it easy andrea.

Molly said...