anniversary plans


A few days after I move to San Francisco, Sean and I will actually get to celebrate our five year anniversary together! For the very first time in our relationship, we will actually be living in the same place on our anniversary. Our apartment is actually across the street (and through the woods) from the Pacific Ocean. How freaking cool is that?! That's right. Be jealous! (We're also about a mile from the Golden Gate Bridge and this is basically our view. Of course, I have yet to see all this in person.)

Anyway. I was thinking we could throw together a little picnic and celebrate our anniversary on the beach, watching the sunset. It definitely won't look as fancy as this, but we'll figure something out.


Chelsea said...

Oh, your new location sounds divine! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear about your new adventures. xoxo

Charlotte said...

duuuude, I know where you're going to live!

That sounded creepy.

What I mean is that I've been to the area when I visited San Francisco. It's a beautiful area, seems pretty quiet and safe. I know you're going to love being so close to the ocean!

And you and Sean will do something special, no matter what. :)

Also, isn't it weird that once you get married, your anniversaries start over at one?

Liza said...

That is pure romance. I love it!