crash and burn

Pardon me while I dork out for a bit. I've been listening to Savage Garden all week, a band that makes me feel bittersweet and nostalgic and happy all at once. A band I can go years without listening to, but then the feeling always comes back around, like a silent planet orbiting my heart, and I feel the need to listen to them again.

I never knew much about Savage Garden, I was in my early teens when they became popular and I only ever heard their music. I never saw a music video or read an interview or saw them on television. Which is perhaps why I like their music so much. It feels very personal to me and I can make it my own without knowing any of the background details.

While their self-titled debut album was fun and upbeat, Affirmation is very mature and rather depressing to tell the truth. Sad songs about lost love, moving on, and escaping bad situations (though there are some happier ones). The one song, Crash and Burn, will always be one of my favorites. A beautiful song with a beautiful message that simultaneously fills my heart and breaks it (listen to it here):


Krystal said...

oh my gosh!! savage garden makes me feel the exact same way!!! truly madly deeply was me and marks song when we first started dating in like, 1998, hahaha...and then i'd listen to the album on repeat - gosh...memories.

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

oh man, savage garden was what i played continuously in the car on my way to a hopeless course i was taking. i was not where i wanted to be in life and couldn't see a way out.

that first album just did it for me at the time. escapism, understanding, hope, a little wallowing...

i must dig out their album now!