happy friday!

Ever since I got back from San Francisco, the weeks seem to fly by. They seem to move at a normal pace at first, but then all of the sudden I'm taken aback that it's already Thursday! Not sure what that's about, but there you go...

And now it's Friday. And the weekend is coming up and I've got some plans! I have two photo shoots scheduled: a 55th wedding anniversary shoot on Saturday and an engagement shoot on Sunday. The engagement shoot is for a close friend, a guy who's been my twin brother's best friend for the past fourteen years. After high school they were roommates at Virginia Tech. We've all graduated college by now (which feels strange that we're at that age) and now he's engaged! His fiancée also attended Virginia Tech so that's where we're headed for the shoot. (As a plus, I get to see my sister who's currently a student there.)

I also feel I need to mention that this weekend is one worth noting regarding Virginia Tech:

Tomorrow, April 16th, marks four years since the Virginia Tech Massacre. It still breaks my heart and makes me tear up whenever I think about it. It didn't tragically affect me in the sense that anyone I know was killed, but my brother was there at the time (off campus, thankfully) and one of the girls from his close group of friends was a victim of the shooting. The fact that it affects him, affects me.

So, if you can, just think of Virginia Tech tomorrow and send some good thoughts to all those whose lives were touched. And have a lovely weekend!

Source: 1. Jae C. Hong via flickr 2. ahsloaf


sami. said...

i will keep that in my thoughts today. it is important for you to mention it. although you were indirectly involved, it's still young people losing their lives for no reason :(


Krystal said...

wow, I can't believe Virginia tech was 4 years ago already, it doesn't seem like that long - none of the tragedies do i guess because they still affect us on such an emotional level..very sad. but enjoy the rest of your weekend, you hear?!