yellow fever

I just saw this yellow-themed pool by Lissa** on the flickr blog and love these three shots!

My blog friend, Tina, also did some cool color-themed posts on her blog here. I'm featured on there as the one who chose the black & whites! Check it out! I love her color choices!

Source: 1. Tom Cooke 2. A Hui Hou Photography 3. Janneke (icantakeastand)


laura evans/photography said...

wow wow & more wow ... 3 equally stunning but totally different images. i'm in awe of all of them. thanks for sharing & enjoying your "extra day"! xx

Flourishing Networks said...

Love the yellow - beautiful photos!!!

Tali Schiffer said...

Love all three! I juts love stop-action shots, and both the juice and the bird images are awesome!!
Have a happy yellow inspired day :)

Ulicam said...

That bird picture is unreal!