holiday recap

It feels as if it's been forever since I've been on here! For those of you who celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I'm so behind on reading blogs, but I promise I'll catch up as soon as I can. I just wanted to pop in real quick though and say "hello" and that I've got some exciting news to share, so look for that later on...

Sean and I (pictured above) had a wonderful Christmas together, him meeting so many of my families and friends and being really wonderful about it all. Everything was just that much better with him there. But he had to return to Florida last night... So we drove to the airport and said our teary, blubbery goodbyes and walked off. I stepped out into the freezing North Carolina air and as soon as I got into my car the phone rang with Sean telling me that his flight was cancelled and he had to get rebooked. So I went back inside and met him again (the shortest time apart ever!) and found out that all the flights were slowly getting backed up because of delays earlier in the week due to snow in the rest of the country. The earliest he could leave was Wednesday! So I started crying again I was so happy! We always joke about hoping our flights will be delayed and we'll have extra time with each other. So it's pretty funny (and awesome) that it finally happened. And now we've decided that he might as well stay until Sunday since he still has a bunch of personal days leftover at his job! I still have to work unfortunately (gotta make the money somehow) but now we get to spend New Year's together!

It's so ridiculous, but utterly perfect...

PS. Oh and I finally dyed my hair red a few weeks ago but couldn't say anything on here because it was a surprise for Sean! It's temporary and is rather subtle (but vibrant in the right light), but I like it.

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samantha. said...

you guys look so twilight here!! glad your man got to stay an extra few days!


Tali Schiffer said...

You guys are so adorable together! (and so young!!) Glad you had a good holiday, and I am so happy for you both! Enjoy the rest of his visit :)

Molly said...

Yay for extended visits and beautiful new hair!
Hope you're enjoying your EXTRA time together. Gotta love that snow!

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!