the geminids

Because it's on my list, I was planning on watching the Geminid meteor shower last night. With the quarter moon setting around midnight and clear winter skies, it should've "put on a rousing show" according to one source. But alas, it was freezing and super super windy and so I really didn't feel like standing outside at one in the morning during that... But tonight is still the peak so maybe I'll try again?

I really want to see another meteor shower! The last really good one I saw was either 2001 or 2002. I laid out on the field at my middle school with my volleyball team, watching an incredible show! I remember I stopped counting after 200 and even saw one of those infamous blazing green ones! 

Source: Joseph Harvey Waggoner via here

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Krystal said...

did you get to see it??? I've never seen one :(