the ghost who walks

I was first introduced to the model Karen Elson through the pages of Vogue. She was different from all the other models: pale, porcelain skin and a fiery red mane. She was gorgeous and also a twin (so am I).

Skip ahead a few years and come to find out she's now married to singer Jack White of The White Stripes and has recently released her own album, The Ghost Who Walks. My interest was piqued by her eclectic style and the interesting/odd title of the album, so I decided to give it a listen. I loved the first two tracks enough to purchase the CD and I've been far from disappointed by the rest!

Her music is a mixture of haunting vocals with country/folk and Gothic influences. Instead of writing the ordinary love song, her lyrics feature such subjects as a ghost searching for the lover who killed her, the last days of Summer, tending land in vain only to make the rich man richer and the poor man poorer.

The moon also seems to play a prominent role in her music. It is starkly featured on the cover of the album, as well as mentioned in several of the songs. I am interested by the moon and its phases, its pull and the mythology associated with it, so I think it's pretty cool that she features it.

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Krystal said...

this intrigued me enough to check her out, i like it so far, listening now! she sounds like an interesting lady