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After watching the classic (is it a classic? I can't be sure; it definitely seems to be somewhat of a cult hit if nothing else) Before Sunrise for the first time this weekend, I can't stop thinking about it. I think it's such an "otherworldly" (to quote Celine in the movie) experience. Though it really only made me miss my boyfriend even more and yearn for those random special and unexpected moments in a new place.

I love what happened to them there: the palm reader they encountered, the wine glasses and bottle of red wine they stole/borrowed, the ferris wheel they rode, the walk they took in the Cemetery of the Nameless, the sound booth they listened to the record in, the harpsichordist they encountered in the morning, and the poet who wrote the poem featuring the word "milkshake." 

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Krystal said...

your recommendations are making all kinds of my listsL :)