a mini blog crisis

I started this "new" blog (my old one's here) so that it would be more about me and less about all the amazing things I come across on the internet. I still wanted to include pretty pictures and things by other people, but I also wanted to include work by me. And now I feel like it's too much of a mixture. That there isn't enough me, yet again. It's just, I like posting the pretty things I find, and I like posting every day. And there just isn't much interesting going on with me, so I rarely post about myself unless I have some pictures to share. Which is very rarely.

So now I'm at that point, again, where I want to start all over and only blog about myself. Even if that means only blogging once a week or less. But I'll resist that temptation...

I wish this blog could be a profound collection of who I am, that I could express my thoughts in a poignant way, that I could describe better why it is that I love a movie, a book, or a piece of art. But I suck at words. Which I guess is why I stick with the pictures and kind of stumble along with a little paragraph of why I like it.

I'm not boring, I swear. I just... don't know what to say without feeling as if I'm reiterating myself.

What do you, the readers, think? Do you like the mixture of pretty things I find, plus a little about me every now and then? Am I just being crazy, letting the perfectionist side of me win? Or do you agree: do you want to know more about me and less about what I think is pretty at the moment? (Though, sorry, I can't quit the astronomy posts...)

Source: Andrea Despot


Krystal said...

I'd LOVE to know more about what you're thinking - but I also like the pretty pictures. And I think the pictures are part of who you are because there is a reason you like them, you know?

pic180 said...

What you see and post up as pretty pictures is a reflection of you and by adding you thoughts can us tell us a little bit more about yourself yes it would be nice to see more of you work but hy what you doing is great.... no crisis.

Molly said...

I enjoy your blog for sure. I'm not gonna hate seeing more about you, that's for sure. But your pretty finds are ALWAYS inspiring and interesting.

Keep up the good work. And tell that perfectionist that your blog is a wonderful work that is always in progress and to back off!!!