weekend results

First off, I didn't win any of the major awards at the show, but I did win a Purchase Award for "The Fog." Which is kind of better because I get the recognition and I sold my work! So I'm completely over the moon about that! I met the woman who bought my photograph and she told me how much she loves it and that it reminds her of a certain place in San Fransisco. She didn't want me to tell her where I took it because she didn't want it to ruin her feeling of it. She said she'll be hanging it in her bedroom and she'll be redecorating around it. I am always so humbled when someone tells me that a photograph of mine holds a specific meaning to them. I'm so honored!

Second, the festival was... not so great. I sold a grand total of two items, and didn't sell a single ACEO (fifty cents each!), a single post card or a single greeting card set. I was so positive that I would do so well, I put more thought and more work into this festival than any other one I've been to. So I admit I'm disappointed, and confused. What else do I do? Maybe I'm marketing to the wrong type of people. Maybe the people at these shows don't care for my style of work, maybe they like things a little more southern, rustic, and old. So I'm trying not to take it personally.

There's another festival coming up in June not too far from where I live. But I wonder, what's the point? Should I even try? Won't it end up being just like yesterday? But then since I already have everything ready for it, maybe I should try anyway. The only thing I have to lose is the entry fee, time and travel.

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Briole Photography said...

Congratulations on the award! That is really exciting and how cool that the lady is going to redecorate her whole room around your photo. She was inspired by your work and that is what counts. This show may not have gone as well as you had hoped but from that one lady, you could get multiple referral sales. Stay postive and keep plugging away! I think you should totally go to the show in June too, it is a great way to get your name and work out there and even if someone doesn't buy right away they may come back and buy later. :)

Tina Crespo said...

Damn! I totally understand how that feels. Sometimes, it just is the type of show (and the type of people) that show up.
The first couple of shows, I did really well (a shock to me actually). This past fall I did a show where I was the ONLY photographer, and the rest of the vendors were crafters.
I definitely felt like I had 3 heads that day. People just weren't into photographs (...or didn't think I belonged there because I didn't "make" my stuff.), and would pass by them without even a second glance.
I had my mom and boyfriend there that day, and I felt pretty embarassed.
Since then, I've learned to stick within the crowd that can appreciate the work (and it can be HARD as you know, coming up with ACEOs and postcards, packaging, etc) I put into my photography.
Gotta shake it off, Andrea.
You know your work is worth it, just have to stay positive and keep moving forward.

...sorry for the book.


Magmoment said...

This happens. Sounds like the award, which you need to explain more... and include the link about it, is worth more than $200 of sales. :)

My first shows, I remember putting so much time into worrying I would run out of something at a show. This is so funny looking back because there was no way I was running out of anything.

Who attends the show is important... but, pricing is also a huge factor too.

Your photographs are unique and have a dreamy quality. They are beautiful. Sign up for another show right away. Especially if you don't have to pay for hotel rooms too!

TheEye said...

Sorry to hear that it didn't go gangbusters for you... it's a great compliment however, that the lady who bought your print is going to redecorate her bedroom around it. Try and focus (no pun intended) on that ... your work is beautiful my friend.

Melina said...

Congratulations on selling your photograph to someone who felt such a connection to it, I love when that happens! As far as the festival not being so great, I say you should go to the next festival. Your work is incredible! If I were there I would buy all your ACEOs, post cards and greeting card sets!

lavelle said...

Congratulations on the lady buying your work!

Dont feel disheartened! I know this probably sounds obvious, but have you considered selling your work on etsy and linking it from your blog? This blog is probably your best marketing tool!


Helen said...

Congrats on the award.
Sorry about the sale not being so great.
I totally understand, I did a show back in April and the same thing happen. I got an award but only a couple of sales. I'm sure it's just the group of people there because your works are beautiful. And maybe some of the connections you made that day will turn into sale later on. You should do another show for sure, by now you already got a system going. I'm looking forward to doing another too. Let's both sale more next time.

Tali Schiffer said...

Andrea, so sorry to hear it wasn't as successful or great as you had expected the show and the festival to be... But I say keep you're head up, and your hopes up, and of course you should go to the upcoming festival in June. Keep trying until you hit success!!

Second Wind photography said...

this picture is amazing!! you are grreat!! and congratulation for having win the price!