rainy monday

There have been off and on rain showers for the past few days, and I have to admit that I'm actually loving it. It's so much better than a cold, dreary rain in the middle of a grey, bare winter. Now everything is lush and green and all the colorful flowers are bobbing in the rain. One of my favorite things is to fall asleep with my bedroom windows wide open and the sound of the rain outside, with a deep, rumbling thunder rolling in and out. I've been able to do just that the past two nights...

On a side note, thanks to everyone who has written such encouraging words about how bad the festival went this weekend. It constantly surprises me how supportive everyone is in the blogging community. I really appreciate it; more than I can say!

Also, I guess there was a bit of confusion as to what a "Purchase Award" is. I'll explain:

Before the exhibit opens, a certain number of people agree to buy a piece of artwork of their choice (as long as it's for sale). They then pay the gallery and, normally the gallery would take a 30% commission, but for a Purchase Award one hundred percent of the sale goes to the artist. It's a wonderful way of getting recognition and actually selling your artwork. Hope this clears that up a bit!

Source: Alicia Bock


Second Wind photography said...

oh love it! love the rain :)

From Me To You said...

This takes me back to my road trip to Savannah.