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I belong to two different online photography groups, the Miss Match Diptych Project and Photo of the Week. The main goal of both is to shoot something new each week. I sometimes have trouble making myself take pictures. I know that sounds crazy, that I have to force myself to do the thing I love, the thing I am making a career out of. It should come naturally and I should do it just for fun. But I admit that it is not always the case. I am a procrastinator at heart, and I believe I work best when I know I have to, when I am faced with the possibility of disappointing or failing someone else. Which is never an option.

So these two projects have encouraged and forced me to shoot more. And I have to admit that I am consistently happy with the pictures I've taken, pictures I never would have created if I hadn't tried.

These images are from such a project.

Source: Andrea Despot


laura evans/photography said...

i totally understand ... i can be the same way, but my various diptychs force me to stop procrastinating & produce new work, not to mention pushing the boundaries! these are stunning chica. xx

Jessica said...

Beautiful work chickadee! Thanks for the link, too. ;) Even though I've been doing Photo of the Week for almost a year now, I still need that external "force" to keep me working on something each week. Glad it's working for you!

thenextarrow said...

i love the dreamy quality...


xo Alison

From Me To You said...

i love the top two images of you, really stunning, beautiful tones.