the view from space

Since I was sick most of the weekend, I spent most of my time lying on the couch and watching movies with my sister. We watched Adam (an adorable, sort of feel-good movie), Bright Star (immensely beautiful), Nine (not even worth it), The Young Victoria (a happy love story for once), and Pride and Prejudice (for about the tenth time). And then last night we watched Deep Impact, which has long been one of my favorite films. Even though I do love Armageddon, I love Deep Impact more, not only because I used to have a huge crush on Elijah Wood, but for being not so big and epic and show-y. It's always been close to my heart. It also always leaves me a blubbering mess as I watch all those final farewells, imagining what the heck I would do and how I would be feeling in that situation.

Partly trying to find an excuse to mention these movies, and partly trying to find a reason to post this picture, I wanted to point out that this is where the first comet hit (in Deep Impact), off the coast of Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is a view of the cape from space.

Source: Wikipedia

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