tis the season

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Tis the season for Anthropologie!

For those of you who have followed the blog long enough, you know how much I lust after almost everything that Anthropologie has to offer. Well, this Christmas finally saw some of that lustiness come to fruition (wow, that sounds dirty). I received the awesome-est little tape dispenser from Sean's brother - a little wooden camera design that says "Poulain" at the top - which is a coincidental reference to one of my absolute favorite movies. Then my brother gave me these cute little spice jars. Then with some money I received from other people, I finally finally bought the much-lusted-after Seasons: The Best of Donna Hay Magazine, as well as a zinc letter "A" and a ceramic berry basket.

Sigh. I wish I could live inside an Anthropologie catalogue... But at least I finally live in a city that has an Anthropologie store that I can wander around in whenever I want...


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

yayyyy. i love everything in that store. even the decorations you can't buy!


Liza said...

Ooh, what nice treasures you got! I am also a fan of Anthropologie, and actually worked there for a couple years during college! You'd think that that would make me sick of it, but no. It just underlined my adoration (and made me spend more of my paycheck than was good for me. But, oh the discount!).

Happy New Year!

Charlotte said...

I thought it was the season for baking. And I marveled at how some people can cook so artistically (though I know it's posed for a shot).

Amelie is one of my favorite movies too! I'm not really surprised that we would both enjoy it though. :)

Molly said...

I'm loving all of your loot!! What a great haul you made. :) Lots of great stuff.