what's in your bag

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I've always enjoyed those "What's In Your Bag?" projects. Some people have the coolest, prettiest stuff. My essentials aren't nearly this glamourous.


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

ME TOO, ME TOO! I am asking for one of those oversized clutches for my birthday! need one!


Anna Walker said...

I love your camera and your sunglasses, and your watch, and your bag!!! Your purse seems amazingly organized, mine just has a lot of papers and such!


Missy said...

exactly, haha where are all the wadded up tissues and gum wrappers

hila said...

they look pretty glamorous to me :) I really like your watch, in particular.

hila said...

ah whoops, just noticed those aren't the contents of your bag, haha. the dangers of not clicking on the image credit ;) let's just pretend these are the contents of your bag, shall we?