weekend recap


Well, Sean just got back this morning! Which is good for two reasons: 1) because I missed him and 2) because it is freaking cold in our apartment and I need to snuggle against him! We're trying to save money and not turn the heater on unless we absolutely need to, but if you're just sitting around doing nothing, it's freezing! Luckily his mom sent us a bunch of cozy blankets, which will get a lot of use.

In other news, I finally finished reading Cold Mountain which I absolutely loved. I'm looking forward to watching the film version tonight. I received my first pay check and found out that I get paid more than I thought I did! Woo! I also spent the weekend working and will spend the rest of this week working. Which is very good money-wise but I'm already kinda tired and behind in my movie-watching from Netflix.

But the most interesting part of the weekend came when I was riding the bus home from work on Saturday night and found that I was riding with the same person I had sat next to on the way there. Small world! So he struck up a conversation and we talked for awhile and he handed me a beer from a case he'd gotten at a beer festival. Free beer from a stranger on the bus? Sounds crazy but it was actually pretty cool.

So, I can't promise that I'll be blogging much this week. But I'll try...


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

omg, you will love the movie version of cold mountain! totally fell in love with jude law in that one!


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I'm glad your honey is home to snuggle up to! We do the same thing with our heat, ha. Which means our house is freezing 95% of the time! xo

Krystal said...

that is awesome that you got free beer on the bus...that's a good day!

Tamara, Bella Boho said...

I'm so with you on keeping the heater off and snuggling under blankets, so much more fun anyway! As for the beer on bus, what a story, very cool.