a continent at your table


My plans for today:

Wake up early (check) and make waffles from scratch for Sean and I.
Garnish with strawberries and maple syrup.
Make a pot of coffee.
Sit in our dining nook while the morning light slowly seeps in through the sheer curtains.

Take the bus downtown to run errands.
Go to the Starbucks near that one bus stop in hopes that it's as perfectly quiet and cozy as last time.
Order an espresso macchiato "for here" and sip from an actual ceramic cup.
Sit awhile.
Read a good chunk of Cold Mountain.
And, for once, actually enjoy the atmosphere of a coffee shop.


Liza said...

That sounds like a great day.

Kimia Kline said...

hah! i love that photo and the title of your post.