dream bathroom


This... is my dream bathroom!

I know it's quite popular at the moment, but I've always had a thing for claw-foot tubs. I really just love the whole eclectic look of this: the worn hardwood floors, the odd choice of wall color, the pealing paint, the chair used as table, the antique flower tiles, the haphazard placement of picture frames, the floating sink, the oddly placed fireplace, the quirky hooves, the little cluster of flowers, the pretty bottles, the ornate sconces, the embellished mirror... You get the idea!


Liza said...

Claw-foot tubs have always seemed so romantic to me! I love this bathroom. The little tile backsplash above the sink is so creative.

The Baker said...

This photo is pure charm, I see why you love it.

rachel said...

my cards arrived in the mail today! They are just perfect. I'd love to see even more cards in your shop :)

p.s. my dream bathroom has a big tub like that, too.

Blue and the Girl said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog via hila-lumier... It's visually beautiful - this blog of yours! - and the interests listed on your profile are Superb!!!.... and the claw foot tub - well - that just speaks for itself!
ohhh - and your booklist - LOVE... similar interests me thinks!

Charlotte said...

I love claw foot tubs too! I realize they would be a PAIN to move, which is why I'll probably have to find a house that already has one... one day, one day.