oodle doodle


I wish I could doodle with water colors this well...

Quick update: My IKEA furniture is arriving today! Yay for furniture! Finally.

Speaking of furniture: the other night Sean and I were making a late-night run to Walgreens so I could get some alcohol and we found a coffee table on the side of the road. It's actually really nice and sturdy and Sean was sweet enough to carry it through the woods all the way home! Normally I would've felt guilty about spending money on something I don't need (like that bottle of wine), but it was totally worth it after finding that table. My very first piece of furniture! Which I love! And was free!

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Charlotte said...

forget watercolors, I wish I could doodle in general! that's not a doodle, it's beautiful. I'd love to have cards like that.

yay for road-side pickup!