in the city


What to say? What to say? There really isn't much to report right now as I'm still getting used to living in San Francisco. We live in the Presidio which is a secluded sort of park/neighborhood near the Golden Gate Bridge. It's sorta out of the way from everything and far from downtown so it takes forever to do the simplest things, such as going to the grocery store: we hop onto the free PresidiGo shuttle and get off on one of the drop-off points and then walk a half mile to get food and a half mile back. And then just finding cheap clothing hangers was a chore: the nearest Target is really far away so we had to hop onto several buses to get to The Container Store downtown. I'm so used to shopping at places like Target and Walmart for the best deals and it seems that here, it's best to just buy everything at the local grocery or convenience store as it'll just cost more by the time you pay for the bus or subway...

But on the bright side: I'm finally starting to get used to the bus system! And I finally got a Clipper Card so that I don't have to take forever fumbling with dollar bills. So, that's about it for now. Just getting use to this wholly new way of doing things. We haven't gotten out that much and sight-seen so I have no pictures to share at the moment. (But the picture above actually is of San Francisco by Cindy Loughridge.)


Molly said...

Sounds like you're learning some lessons already. I never would have thought to calculate time + travel expenses into the price of little items. Very smart, girly.

Samantha said...

andrea- i am so glad you're in SF with your boo! i think it's a good thing there isn't a walmart close by, you can get along without it!! you will have to take a trip to napa once you're settled- i loved it there.


Cindy said...

Welcome to SF! Don't fear, a Target is opening up at the Metreon Center in 2012. You can alway BART to Daly City, I think that's the closest Target.

There's always shopping for groceries on-line via Safeway with delivery to your door.

Just give yourself some time to acclimate to city life.

Clipper card rules. :)