weekend recap


Hello, Monday morning... This is my second to last Monday morning at my current job, the beginning of my last full week, and fourteen more days until I move! I thought that with everything I have to do to get ready, these last few weeks would go by quickly, but somehow they're not. I got more boxes packed this weekend, watched some Law & Order: SVU, watched Blue, the first installment of Krzysztof Kieslowski's The Three Colors Trilogy (very good, by the way; I can't wait for the next two), washed and cleaned my car in hopes of selling it soon, and got very close to finishing the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy, which are very very good!

I still have more packing to do, mostly just clothes, bathroom stuff, photography stuff, and papers and binders and books. Speaking of books: I have a ton of books! My bookcase is completely full and so I can't take all of them with me, which greatly saddens me. So I'm only taking the few that I haven't read. Which I already shipped to California. Which I completely forgot about saving one to read on the six-hour plane ride over. Stupid me! But then I remembered that I'd ordered I Dreamed of Africa, which was free through PaperBack Swap and it should, hopefully, be here by then.

Sigh! How was your weekend?


sami said...

it makes me want to cry thinking about your left behind books. tell your mama to send them to you one by one!


Molly said...

I loved that Trilogy. I saw it several years ago. I think I liked Blue the best. Is Blue the one with Juliette Binoche?

I need to get into PaperBack Swap. You're the second person to mention it to me. What's holding me back, I ask you?????

Charlotte said...

I'm sad about your books - I hope you can be reunited soon! I wish I lived closer, so I could say I'd "take care of them for you". ;)

Can't WAIT until you're finished with the Hunger Games! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

ah yes, getting the books sorted for a move is fundamental - the 'which ones', the shipping, the one you keep for the journey... :)