taking off (almost)


Well, I'm officially unemployed and am spending my Wednesday packing the rest of my stuff and washing clothes. I don't leave until Sunday, but I need to make sure I can fit all my clothes into my suitcases (I think I actually can!) and I need to ship everything else today so it'll get to San Francisco as soon as possible. 

Which means I won't have my computer until next week. I can still use my parents' computer but I won't be blogging. I'll still pop up here and there but I'll be pretty silent until next week. 

So... I'll be spending my last days in Virginia visiting my sister and saying goodbye to random people and finishing up some errands. Also, there was something rather profound about my big move that I've been meaning to say that I completely forgot about: 

It seemed as if the universe was aligning, helping me out, giving me signs and letting me know that everything will work out just fine. Ever since Sean and I decided to move to San Francisco, I've been selling more photographs, getting more dog- and house-sitting jobs, booking more photography sessions and even teaching my first photography class. I got the chance to get paid overtime for the first time in two years. I didn't get sick at all, resulting in no unpaid sick days. After participating in the annual local art competition for the past eight years, I finally won one of the big awards which meant big money. 

Moving across the country means spending money. It also means saving money for when we'll be struggling through those first few months. So the universe sent some extra money my way this past year and it was perfect timing. 

Little things. Little signs. Letting me know that yes, this is right. 

And that rare earthquake that hit the east coast yesterday? Only days before I move near the earthquake capital of the world? I don't take it as a bad omen. Instead, I think it's pretty freaking ironic and almost comical. I take it as a good sign. As if it were just for me.


Samantha said...

love this. so glad that things were able to even themselves out even during these tough economic times! i am so glad you will be re-united with your honey! and that in itself is worth more than $!


rachel said...

I hope your last days wrapping things up go smoothly! It's great to hear that you've been getting signs that things are right. I'm sure things ARE completely right, but in any case, it's nice to have those signs anyway. Take care, andrea! :)

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

wishing you all the best. safe and comfy trip, settling in.... good luck!

April Robinson said...

i was born and raised in san francisco and LOVE every part of it! earthquakes and ALL! its wonderful1!!! <3 hope you have an amazing time! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading through your old posts. I'm excited to follow along on your move and new adventure. :)

Isn't it lovely when things seem to fall right into place ... it's all definately a good sign for you!

Have a beautiful day ~

Krystal said...

so exciting andrea...enjoy your last day in the east :):)

Molly said...

I love the way you've noticed all the little things coming together to prepare you for the big thing! What a gift that is too!!

Hope you are there safe and sound. Can't wait to hear from you next week.

Liza said...

I love this. My parents recently went through an "everything-is-lining-up" couple months, and it's wonderful to witness. This is so exciting! Enjoy your last few days on the east coast - can't wait to hear more once you've landed!