the blue hour

Last week Brian of the blue hour was talking about just that, the blue hour:

"At the end of a sunny summer day, there's a particular quality of light just after the sun sets. It is most pronounced if you're in a park, or in the woods, or even sitting on a lawn. It's the blue hour, the light of dusk, gloaming - but combined with green foliage in summer, it's really distinctive to me. It's hard for me to put into words - it's a feeling more than anything. I think about being a kid during summer vacations and playing outside with friends until late, summer humidity, a walk after dinner outside, cicadas, stillness, the day fading into quiet, a hush."

I know exactly what he's talking about.

And I feel lucky enough to have captured my own "blue hour" last week, though mine was taken in the early morning hours rather than at twilight.

Oh, and now it's available in my shop here and here!

Source: Andrea Despot


Goggled Hero said...

*poke* =]

sami said...

beautiful! nick always talks about the gloaming. now i see what it looks like!


Charlotte said...

Andrea, I love this. Brian encapsulated a time so well in words, and you did so perfectly in a photo. The blues and greens are amazing. I love using blue filters (though I know you didn't for this shot), especially in the wintertime... I just love the icy, muted, dusty feeling blue can give...

Jon said...

Its got to be one of the most tranquil times of the day...... beautiful

Daniella said...

Ahh, this is so true! One of the little moments I love about Summer!