the world at large

I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again: isn't our world amazing?!

Source: 1. AndreasJakwerth 2. brianwferry 3. NASA 4. themexican


Liza said...

Gorgeous. I want prints of all of them.

Missy said...

Hey I just clicked around and found your blog! I love it, super artistic! ALSO you're from Martinsville, VA, ME TOO! The odds of this happening are something like 1 in a gazillion haha.

Do you know where the second photo is from? They all give me wanderlust!

andrea despot said...

missy - what a small world! the odds definitely are one in a gazillion :) i gave credit to all of the photos at the bottom of post, number 2 is where i found the second photo.