the space age

The lovely Charlotte over at The Daily Snapshot recently emailed me some photos she'd taken at the Exploratorium during her trip to San Francisco (the second and fourth ones). She said that they reminded her of me and asked if I'd be willing to collaborate on a post with her. As soon as I saw her pictures, I got excited!

The picture of dry ice dissolving is eerily similar to the spirals of galaxies, and the ring and its shadow immediately reminded me of the rings of Saturn. I wish I could write something more profound, but it's probably best conveyed when put simply:

Nature repeats itself. Even something that occurs in the far reaches of outer space can be seen on the tiny planet we live on.

I love science! Now go see Charlotte's post here.

Source: 1. Pinterest 2. Charlotte Missiaen, edited by me 3. Pinterest  4. Charlotte Missiaen, edited by me 5. Practical Space


sami said...

these are gorgeous and so remind me of you, andrea! well done, charlotte!


Krystal said...

i love this collaborative post, you guys should do more :)

Charlotte said...

Krystal - hopefully we will do more!

Andrea - you said so much with one line. Perfect.