corgis are the best

Move over kittens, corgis are the new internet sweethearts. Didn't you know? For freaking cuteness overload, click here!

PS. My family's dog is a corgi mix, but I swear I'm not biased.

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Molly said...

In high school, my boyfriend's family had a corgi mix that was so incredibly gentle and sweet! That's the only one I've ever known, but these pictures are pretty cute.

A Foreign Land

Amie McCracken said...

I miss my corgi. :( He was just put down this year. He was MY dog, I begged and begged for him as a kid. He was sooooo cute (cuter than most corgis, hee hee.)

Gloria said...

oh my goodness, way too much cuteness going on over here!

Liza said...

oh. my. god. the cuteness... it's like kryptonite.

it's funny you should post these, because i have been seriously considering getting a corgi puppy! i've consistently heard how sweet-tempered they are, and of course look at those faces. the only thing that is holding me back is the shedding factor. i'm also looking at poodles (that's my family dog) and boston terriers. these pictures might sway me back to the local corgi rescue, though! :)

gracia said...

Those corgis are indeed charmers. I love the abundance of cute that one can find on blogging adventures and the like.