weekend recap

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had a rather busy one myself:

After work on Friday I spent a few hours at the local Relay for Life with my coworkers. I didn't stay the entire twelve hours until six in the morning, but I left shortly before midnight.

On Saturday I taught a short photography class for a woman, her granddaughter, and her granddaughter's friend. They are the age that I was when I first started getting into photography (around fourteen or fifteen) and the woman wanted me to give them pointers on composition. I was a little nervous because I don't think I'm very good at teaching and explaining things, but I think it went really well and it was easy!

I spent Father's Day by taking my dad shopping to pick out some shirts he wanted, walking our dog and buying some hamburgers at a sorta sketchy-looking place off the side of the road (which were actually really good).

I also watched one horrible movie, one okay movie, finally finished a boring book and started reading the next one for the Book Club Bloggers, which is just as good as I remember...

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Monica said...

sounds like a nice weekend. and isn't it rgeat when we do somehting we think we wouldn't be so good at and surprise ourselves?

i really liked Midnight in the Garden... but it isn't for everyone. i really like southern gothic literature.

Naima Amarilli said...

Wow! What an amazing pic! Your life has to be so much interesting!



Charlotte said...

ack, you thought "Midnight In the Garden" boring? It was just reccommended to me this weekend by a woman who said it's one of her favorite books of all time! Actually, now I'm more interested to read it and talk to you about it...

Kimia Kline said...

wow. these photos are amazing.