I love this portrait of Sofia Coppola!

Source: Pinterest


Molly said...

That Hair!
Those Lips!

Hey lady, hope you're having a fantastic (almost) summer.

A Foreign Land

Charlotte said...

oh! Speaking of Sofia, I watched "Somewhere", and it got a "bah humbug" from me. I loved Johnny and Elle Fanning, I thought they both did a fantastic job portraying their characters. But the movie was too uneven for me. She takes too long to say things, so much so that I feel offended. Johnny's bored with his life? yeah I get it... I don't need to watch 15 extra minutes of some stupid exotic dancers. I feel a bit insulted actually... Sofia, I am intelligent to "get" you movie, now can you include some more dialogue please!

Sorry, I just stomped all over a movie you really liked. I liked parts of it, just not all of it.