forest spirit

Back in the 1990s, photographer Yoshihiko Ueda took his camera and ventured into the Quinault Rain Forest in Washington State, USA, discovering something majestic and rare:

"The brushwood wheezed, the moss shown an impossibly phosphorescent green that seemed to radiate from everywhere over the mammoth trees that strained heavenward. A manifold of living colors interfused, saturated with rain and light. I had discovered a realm of primordial chaos; I was witness to what was not for human eyes to see. To be sure, as I gazed though the viewfinder of the darkened box, I was shaking. I was overjoyed at my experiencing such keen excitement and apprehension yet anew. My hand, wet with rain as I tripped the shutter release, seemed to tremble slightly. This time, I whispered a few brief words of thanks to the spirits of the forest."

Aren't they amazing?!

Source: images via Yoshihiko Ueda and text via Michael Hoppen Contemporary


Krystal said...

majestic is the perfect word..

Liza said...

These are incredible. They almost vibrate with color!

Simoana said...

Oh yes they are majestic! I adore the rainforest. I am fortunate enough to live close to the rainforest myself, but still not quite close enough .. . such a beautiful ecosystem, indeed. :)

andrea despot said...

krystal - yep :)

liza - they do, don't they?!

simoana - lucky you!

Charlotte said...

woooooow, these are fantastic - thank you for sharing!!!