weekend recap

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on Friday! I had a wonderful weekend which started off absolutely perfectly:

Since entering my work in Expressions for the first time eight years ago, I've won several Student Awards and Purchase Awards, but I've never won anything in the actual Photography category. Well, on Friday I won Second Place in Photography for Wizarding World! I can't tell you how surprised and how happy I was! It felt so good to finally win after all those years...

And so the rest of the weekend continued to be wonderful... the weather was perfect (sunny and in the 90s), I ate delicious food and delicious cake (white layer cake with blackberry buttercream), I bought some spice jars and storage boxes at IKEA (I'm obsessed), and, best of all, I got to spend time with my family (particularly my brother and sister whom I rarely see)!

How was your weekend?

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sami chu. said...

congratulations!! which photo won?


andrea despot said...

thanks! "wizarding world" was the one that won!

Carrie said...

I pinned that photo too - I would like to re-new my vows right there :)
Ahh the joys of Ikea, hahaha - it's so evil in is clever designs.

Nicole Franzen said...

i want to be at that table right now! So gorg

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

any weekend that includes cake is a good weekend.

big congrats on the win, has to feel great!
i'm totally with you on storage boxes and jars. you can even see some in my last weekend snaps.