weekend recap

I had a nice little weekend and got a lot done! I finished framing and dropped off my two entries for Expressions, I met with a "client" about another dog-sitting job, I finished season six of Law & Order: SVU, I am more than halfway through Wuthering Heights, and I spent Mother's Day by going to see Water for Elephants with my mom (it was very very good, as is the book) and washing my car, her car and my dad's van!

So... Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all the moms, moms-to-be and all the women who are trying to get pregnant and can't. My own mother spent year after year sitting in church on Mother's Day, surrounded by all the mothers and pregnant women, heartbroken because she was trying to get pregnant but couldn't. She eventually got fertility treatments and had twins - my brother and me! Two and half years later she gave birth to my sister, totally unplanned but a wonderful surprise to a mother who had to try so hard to get pregnant the first time.

If you're reading this, Mom, I love you and thank you for making me realize that Mother's Day is also about the women who struggle to be moms in the first place.

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Jon said...

Hi Andrea,
Can I ask which of the images you chose in the end for the Expressions?

andrea despot said...

hi jon! yes, definitely. i chose 5 and 7 :)

Hannah Sadie said...

beautiful post. I get a lot of mothers of young children at the cafe I work in - one of our regulars tried for years to have a child. Her and her husband finally adopted the most beautiful little girl. My heart goes out to those women with so much love to give and no child to give it to.

p.s. I love number 5!

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

what a fun weekend! and what a miracle you and your brother are! such a cute photo. xoxo

Jon said...

Good choice :) ....... the very best of luck

Krystal said...

aw, happy mothers day to your mom! that does sound like a productive w/e!