happy friday!

It has been such a long week at work... We've been working on the same boring job for over a week now and we're only a little over halfway done. I even had to work three hours late last night and I'll have to stay late again a few days next week to get it out on time (not that I'm complaining about getting paid overtime).  But... we do have Monday off for Memorial Day so I'm really looking forward to the extra long weekend! It'll give me time to catch up on blogging.

Have a lovely weekend!

Oh, and I took another month off from the Book Club Bloggers but you can see this month's book and reviews by the other members here. I promise I'll be back next month.

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AC Quigley said...

Enjoy your long weekend - sounds like it's well deserved!

Crystle said...

I am in the same boat! Enjoy your rest and relaxation.

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the link! I JUST got the review up (ugh, so slow), but glad to hear you'll be around next time.