happy friday!

For the past ten days I've been dog-sitting and house-sitting for six dogs and a cat. I've taken care of them many times before and there have never been any problems. But because of a new dog this time (with major separation anxiety), it seemed like I was calling the owner every other day about some new problem. Long story short, I had to break up a dog fight and get medical attention for the hurt dog (poor Toby!), deal with one dog having diarrhea in the early mornings, one dog pooping and peeing everywhere, one dog digging a whole in the wall of the bathroom she was staying in which resulted in her having to be put in a crate which she broke out of... It probably sounds like each dog was acting up, but it was mostly just the new dog. She's such a sweet pup, but she has issues!

Needless to say, I was so happy to sleep in my own bed last night. It's so nice to be in my own space surrounded by my own things. After being surrounded by dog hair for over a week, I felt that I and all my things were dirty, so I did laundry and dusted and swept.

I look forward to a relaxing weekend back home. Unfortunately I haven't gotten much reading done because I got taken over by season one of Ally McBeal. Hopefully I can finish Wuthering Heights this weekend!

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Krystal said...

wowwww that sounds like...not a great time. to put it lightly :)