a dark green stain

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, Atonement is one of my favorite films. It's one of the most beautifully filmed and beautifully styled and most wonderfully cast movies I've ever seen. I could watch it over and over again (and I have).

So when I finally decided to read the book a few weeks ago, I was skeptical: afraid that I wouldn't enjoy the book because it wouldn't have the same visual stunning-ness as the movie. A friend assured me that the book is also very visual, very descriptive. So I read it, and fell in love... The movie was extremely faithful to the book, and it might've helped that I visualized scenes from the movie every step of the way, but I also enjoyed the insight into each character that doesn't necessarily come across in the film adaptation.

And my friend was right: the novel was very descriptive, very visual, very fluid. This line struck out at me (I can't get the image of the green stain trailing down his spine out of my head):

Source: 1. Eleonore Bridge 2. and 3. una.knipsolina


Krystal said...

i am intrigued...will add it to my list :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the film for fear it will ruin my experience of the book. I'm looking forward to it now, thanks!