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These are some very very pretty covers of some books on my to-read list. As you can tell from this previous post, I love books with pretty covers. Sometimes, I decide to read a book based solely on its cover art! I also have a rather bad habit of buying a book because of its cover, but I've been doing very well at resisting lately.

These books are only ten of a steadily growing list of books I want to read. As of this moment, there are 53 on the list! Which is why I have made a rather tough decision:

I decided not to read this month's Book Club Bloggers book of the month. I've been a member since its inception, reading and reviewing every single book (except for one) every month. I also gave myself a goal to read at least 50 of the books on a Best 100 Novels list as part of 24 Things To Do Before I Turn 24. That, combined with the book club, hasn't given me much of a chance to read all the other books I want to read. So it is with a heavy heart that I take this month off and probably next month too. But I promise I won't be gone for long! I love the Book Club Bloggers and I deeply hope that Rachael, the blogger who chose this month's book, isn't offended! My decision was in no way personal!

For those of you interested, this month's book was A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. You can find the links to all the reviews here. (I do plan on reading the book someday!)

Source: 1. One Hundred Years of Solitude 2. The Uncoupling 3. Rebecca 4. Becoming Jane Eyre 5. The Blind Contessa's New Machine 6. Swamplandia! 7. Wuthering Heights 8. An Object of Beauty 9. Vile Bodies 10. On Beauty


Rachael said...

Nope, not offended at all! I struggled very much between picking a book that I loved but wasn't sure others would and one that was more appropriate for the masses but I couldn't back with my whole heart. I went with the former and desperately hoped that no one would feel 'forced' to read it (like HS... and thus, hate it). So, all good in the 'hood. :)

sami chu. said...

omg. i LOVE this post. such eye candy. i wish i could just lay in a pile of books all day long.


Carrie said...

Rebecca is my favourite book, I even had a quote from it in my wedding programme :)

Molly said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of 100 Years of Solitude!!

Missed your book club input but will look forward to you joining in again soon!!!!!

Charlotte said...

No one takes it personally! The book club is all for fun. I'm glad you're taking time to read books you enjoy, because that's important too.

"Swamplandia!" is still on my list, and I see you're reading "Wuthering Heights" - did I tell you I finished that? Let me know what you think when you're done!

ps. I still need to email you back. This weekend, promise.

Krystal said...

oh, i've read that book before, too!!! (the bookclub bloggers one)

Liza said...

I hadn't heard of Book Club Bloggers before - thanks for the introduction! I'll be sure to check that out.

I adore all the books on your list. Several of them have been on my to-read list for far too long! I can't say enough good things about Rebecca and Jane Eyre. I hope you'll share your reviews!

andrea despot said...

liza - i love jane eyre! i've read it twice in my life: once i middle school and once in high school. my fiancé bought me one of those penguin classics clothbound versions and i look forward to reading it now that i'm older! i'm also excited about seeing the newest film version when i comes out on dvd.