This post is unofficially brought to you by my fiancé, Sean. He was sending me a bunch of cool pictures that he thought I'd like. I'd say he gets me, don't you?

PS. I apologize for that last one! I know it's a bit risqué for my blog, but I couldn't help myself! It actually looks really good photographically/technically.

Source: Unknown via kippage.com


Krystal said...

I totally had to take a 2nd look at the last one but that is awesome!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Great photos! So glad that I found your blog!

Goggled Hero said...


L E A H said...

that first photo has such a great atmosphere, love her hat

Simoana said...

Don't be silly! The last one is the best one!!
Sex and colour . . .life can't get any better than that!!