happy friday!

I'm loving the sun-drenched greens in these photographs. Looks like I'll be seeing more green this weekend, it's supposed to be in the 70s! Finally! (Though ever since I bought my wellies, I've kinda hoped it would rain... but believe me I'm not complaining.)

My plans: spray paint some black frames white, watch a Netflix movie in the mail, read a new book, and spend time outdoors! It feels like there's more I planned on doing but now I can't remember...

Have a lovely, sunny weekend!


SAMANTHA said...

omg, i hope it reaches that type of warm weather here too! i hate this cold!

i love moonstruck!! nicolas cage (the younger version) is sooo cute. have you seen peggy sue got married?? netflix it immediately!


Cat said...

Arghh...70 degrees! Yeah! I am so excited for your weekend. You know, curling up with a good book sounds like just the ticket :)

Krystal said...

sounds like a good w/e to me :) i've gotten to ride my bike a few times, it's been so good!