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*This may look like a long post, but bear with me! It's a fashion post, so you know you want to read it. I even linked to the clothes I bought, some of which are actually pictures of me in those clothes. I rarely post pictures of myself, so consider it a reward for reading through all my babbling!

In the past week or so I've been buying lots of clothes. Which kind of makes me feel bad because I've spent so much money, but then I tell myself that I really needed those clothes.

I must tell you now, I never go shopping for clothes. For some reason, clothes and shoes fall into that category of something I don't really want to spend too much money on. Of course, I wish I had more of a style. But I'm either too plain, lazy or poor to wear anything but jeans and a plain shirt of which I have five, all in different colors. Bor-ing.

Shopping for clothes is such a chore for me... I'm so picky when it comes to how something fits or looks. I usually end up finding something that is kind of what I'm looking for, but not perfect. So I buy it anyway and then end up never wearing it! I've also come to the conclusion that if something is super-cheap, it's usually super-cheap for a reason.

But, I needed new clothes. Clothes that have more of a style. So I went shopping. And I think I really lucked out:

I got some new dress pants, a plaid shirtdress (which was on sale for only $9), and a chambray tunic from Maurices; a belted dress and a polka-dotted shirt from Belk; a ruffled chiffon cami from Old Navy; a lightweight trench coat, a Coca-Cola tee, a Mr. Pibb tee (both of which are Men's and fit better than any Women's graphic tee), and the best sweatshirt ever from Target. I don't have a picture of the sweatshirt, but it's super-soft, grey, high-necked and not "fitted" but not too baggy either. It seriously looks like a vintage sweater that my mom would've had when she was in college. I love it. (Only I would get this excited over a sweatshirt.)

I also bought my very first luggage set from JCPenney. I'm very happy with it since it was a 5-piece set on sale for less than half the price (I paid $119). They're Dockers, which I know is a good brand, and they're sturdy enough to handle a lot of traveling.

So, I'm excited with all of my new finds! And can't wait to wear some of them in San Francisco next week!

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Anya adores said...

Dear Andrea, just came across your blog, and it's simply wonderful. I think you are extremely good at what you do, - I am your newest follower, (on both blogs as they're fab) Hope you come visit my blog sometime, maybe you like it too.<3
A xx

Cindy said...

You will love all the thrift stores in SF.

Krystal said...

I love all of your new purchases! I almost got that chambray shirt at maurices, i was SO CLOSE. i wish i had!

Charlotte said...

Don't feel bad about posting a longer post - we love your words as well as your pictures!

I love the belted dress, hardcore. Gorgeous color and fit!

Molly said...

I love your plaid shirt dress whole bunches. But girl, you are gonna stop traffic in that belted dress! You look stunning!!!