hello monday

Hello blog world! I had a wonderful weekend, both relaxing and productive.

Saturday was spent with my sister before she went back to college. I watched a ton of Law & Order: SVU episodes and... that was about it...

Sunday, I helped clean the little area below our deck in the backyard. It looks nice and inviting. And that, combined with the sunny 70-degree weather we were having, made for the perfect place to start reading Ender's Game (so good!). It was so nice to do a little physical labor and spend time outside, soaking up the sun.

I continued to read most of the day so I'm almost finished with the book. I also printed all of the new photographs for my portfolio to bring with me to San Francisco at the end of the week. I'm ahead of schedule on everything I wanted to do, and I can't tell you how wonderful that feels!

PS. Today, I'm over at Jane's Where We Blog From series. So go see for yourself where I blog from!

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laura evans/photography said...

stunning photography ... so excited for your vacation. can't wait to see the photos! xx

Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks Andrea - it's lovely to have you today!

Krystal said...

Happy Monday! I need some of your productivity to rub off on me!

Charlotte said...

You turned me onto "Ill Seen, Ill Said" a few weeks ago and I love Jane's posts. So much fun to see a familiar face over there!