happy friday!

Like my friend Noelle of the beautiful Ganda-Ganda blog, that first photo reminds me of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights, though I have yet to read the latter. As Noelle puts it:

"I love those old English gothic novels set in the moors of England. I used to wish I was born in 18th century England. I would spend my days reading and writing and walking along the countryside..."

Have a lovely weekend!

Source: 1. brookeshaden via Ganda-Ganda 2. Andri Elfarsson


katie kate. said...

i am in love with this post so i starred it in my google reader. :-) the top image creates quite the story along the lines of wurthering heights (i haven't read this yet either) or jane eyre (just finished and i loved it). yes. and i love noelle's blurb because i'd do the same thing if i was born in 18th century england. dreamy.

rachel said...

I love these photos too! although I haven't read either book. hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Charlotte said...

wow!! I love both photos, but especially the top one... that is one stellar photographer. Man... what talent.

Having read both Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, I can confirm it does indeed remind me of both. :)