on beauty

Speaking of pretty book covers, I have fallen in love with this gorgeous cover of Zadie Smith's On Beauty. I'd never heard of it before Sami recommended it to me, but I love it for the cover alone. I don't care if I end up liking it or not!

And the best part? It was absolutely free through the coolest website ever, PaperBackSwap. (A huge thanks to Laura for telling me about it!)

Source: Amazon


SAMI. said...

YAY! i loved this book, it is actually a modern twist on e.m forster's howard's end, which i have never read. did you read my favorite quote from it?



laura evans/photography said...

let me know what you think of the book ... i might have to check it out! & the cover is gorgeous. xx

Old Brand New said...

I agree, beautiful cover and the writing is superb. Hope you enjoy it.

rachel said...

that book swap site looks fantastic! I have zadie smith's "white teeth" novel but have only read a little bit of it.

Krystal said...

so checking this website next! i have her book 'white teeth' to start someday!