the kiss

I really wish I could spend my Valentine's Day making out with my fiancé (who is almost 3,000 miles away)... But he sent me Godiva chocolates (which I've already eaten), so that'll have to do. I love you, Sean! 

Source: 1. Lauren Fleishman 2. Robert Doisneau


Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Stunning images <3 The gesture of the Godiva chocolates is so romantic.

Carrie said...

3 thousand miles - oh god that's so sad. When my hubby is at work (10 miles away) I feel lonely. My heart breaks for you and hope you are together soon x

Comewhinewithme said...

Fabolous pictures. original for this occasion:-)
I hope you're having a nice day even though your finacé is away (mine is too).

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Krystal said...

good sean!

pic180 said...

Really like the images, I'm really sorry to here your man is three thousand miles away, my lady is six and half thousand but distance is never an issue we just look forward to when we can be together.